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IntRest: Eating green is an interesting race, win healthy restaurants at your place!

What is IntRest?

IntRest is an innovative health-focused food ordering platform created by Mindlab Inc. Designed to cater to individuals with specific dietary needs and health conditions, IntRest personalizes your dining options to align with your unique health profile. It utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze a vast database of foods, ingredients, and their nutritional values, ensuring that every meal recommendation meets your specific dietary requirements.
Our platform supports an extensive range of dietary considerations, covering 65 diseases and disorders, 15 diets, 400 allergies, and more than 1000 taste preferences. Foods are conveniently categorized into three health-oriented categories: Healthy (green), Carefree (orange), and Unkind (pink).

IntRest not only personalizes your meal choices but also provides restaurants with a valuable tool to connect with health-conscious customers and showcase their commitment to healthy eating. The intuitive interface makes it easy for both diners and restaurants to navigate and enjoy the benefits of the platform.

Our Food Recommended Categories

Green Foods
“Healthy Delicious”

Green foods are your health champions, tailored to fit your dietary needs and preferences. Set your health profile, and the app highlights the healthiest meals in green, from restaurants that cater to your well-being. Discover nourishing choices that look after your health as you explore IntRest.

Orange Foods

Orange Foods
“Careless Delicious”

Orange foods are your adventurous picks—tasty but with ingredients that might not fully align with your health or taste preferences. While delicious, they can be a bit careless about your wellness, so enjoy them with caution.

Pink Foods
“Unkind Delicious”

Pink foods are like trouble-making friends—enticing but potentially harmful. They contain ingredients that may not suit your health profile. Before indulging in these risky options, consider if they’re worth the potential detriment compared to safer green choices.

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